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» » Thief: Master Thief Edition (2014) PC | Патч скачать торрент бесплатно

    Thief: Master Thief Edition (2014) PC | Патч скачать торрент бесплатно

    Опубликовал: Админ | Дата: 27-02-2015, 11:10 | Просмотров: 443

    Игра: Thief: Master Thief Edition
    Дата выпуска игры: 25 Февраля 2014
    Дата выпуска обновления: 27 Мая 2014
    Тип обновления: Официальное
    Версия релиза обновления: Update 6 (v 1.5 build 4158.5)
    Требуемая версия игры: Любая
    Защита: Steam
    Наличие таблетки: Присутствует (RELOADED)


    1. Запустить setup.exe из папки Update и установить обновление, в папку с игрой
    2. Скопировать содержимое папки Crack в папку с игрой, с заменой
    3. Играть


    Update 6 (v 1.5 build 4158.5)

    Added AMD Mantle Crossfire support, it can enabled on from the configuration dialog on startup.
    We recommend players to update their AMD Catalyst Beta driver to version 14.6 or higher when using AMD Mantle.
    Added optimized defaults for Display and Graphics options when playing on specific Intel Graphics hardware.
    Improved GPU memory management on AMD Mantle.
    Fixed issues with quicksave and quickload.
    Several minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

    Update 5 (v 1.4 build 4133.3)

    Fixed an issue where when finishing a chapter, the user would be brought back to the start. That primarily occurred around the April 1st.
    Fixed several audio issues, including:
    - Issues with sound occlusion, being able to hear NPCs talking through walls.
    - Issues with music being relatively loud in several chapters.
    - Issue with credits music.
    Fixed an issue with shadows that would occur on certain Nvidia and Intel GPUs.
    Fixed issues where the quicksave would be overwritten.
    - Quicksaves now occupy a seperate slot internally and in the loading menu. To load a quicksave press F9 or go into the Load menu and select the Quicksave Slot.
    Increased dedicated texture memory pool size for Intel GPUs.
    Fixed an issue where several documents were missing.
    Fixed an issue where the Spectral Aspect trinket had no effect.
    Fixed an issue where player was unable to look around while using the handwheel.
    Button prompts in the station screens now update automatically based on the user input method.
    Several minor bug fixes.

    Update 4 (v 1.3 build 4118.5)

    Added AMD Mantle support.
    Added AMD TrueAudio support. TrueAudio hardware support can be enabled in the in-game audio options menu.
    AMD Catalyst 14.3 Beta driver is required to use AMD Mantle and AMD TrueAudio.
    Image Based Reflections are now optional in 64-bit version. Used to always be enabled in 64-bit and never in 32-bit.
    Added Automatically Limit Texture Quality option, when turned on it limits texture quality based on the amount of dedicated VRAM.
    Fixed medallion icons not or incorrectly lighting up on some setups.
    Fixed subtitles not showing during cinematics when using the 32-bit version.
    Fixed an issue where on specific setups, the game would crash during startup, and creating a new windows account would fix it.
    Fixed an issue where sometimes the mouse position would be offset when running with Surround or Eyefinity.
    Various crash fixes.
    Various optimizations.

    Update 3 (v 1.2 build 4116.4)

    Fixed an issue where, for some users, controller right stick would not turn the camera and controller hints would not appear.
    Fixed an issue where, for some users, the keyboard mapping menu would immediately map a key and then hang.
    Fixed an issue with the fog when SSAA was enabled that was introduced in v1.1.
    Fixed a crash when the user had 99 saves and tried to access the save menu in game.
    Added an option to the launcher configuration dialog to run the 32-bit version on a 64-bit machine. The 32-bit version has several features disabled causing it to use less memory, providing a smoother experience for users with lower spec machines. The checkbox for this option can be found in the display tab of the launcher options dialogue.
    Update: Deploy additional DLLs with the game to avoid issues with corrupt DLLs on user machines, which could cause the game to not start at all.
    Update: Moved Lockpick and Frame Search helper to the HUD menu and will now also affect mouse/keyboard.
    WARNING: Disabling Frame Search helper while playing with mouse/keyboard could make it very hard, if not impossible, to find the button.
    Various performance improvements.
    Various crash fixes.

    Update 2 (v 1.1 build 4110.1)

    Fix for a crash after loading a new game or benchmark, often seen on Intel GPU hardware.
    Fix for DOF issue when peeking through keyholes.
    Fix for stereoscopic 3D inconsistencies in option menus. Forces VSync to be ON and Triple Buffering to be OFF.
    Fix for a bug where “Invert mouse X/Y” would not be saved.
    Minor UI improvements.
    Optimized memory usage.

    Update 1 (v 1.0 build 4107.3)

    Day One Patch

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    Thief: Master Thief Edition (2014) PC | Патч торрент скачать бесплатно
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